Our complete Residential (under the sink) Reverse Osmosis System

Our countertop Reverse Osmosis System

Replacement Parts for our Reverse Osmosis System and other Systems

        - Replacement Filters and Membranes

        - Other Replacement Parts


- Boat filters and membranes

- CTA Membranes

        - From a Reverse Osmosis System with Odd Size Filters and Membranes to Standard Sizes
        - From a Water Filter to a Reverse Osmosis System
        - From a Water Filter with Odd Size Filters to one with Standard Sizes

- Coolers

- Deionization Filters

- Emergency Water Supplies

- Heaters

- Motorhome filters and membranes

- Special Water Problems:
        - Arsenic Reduction
        - Copper Reduction
        - Hydrogen Sulfide Reduction
        - Iron Reduction
        - Lead Reduction
        - Manganese Reduction
        - MTBE Reduction
        - Nickel Reduction
        - Nitrate Reduction
        - Radium Reduction
        - Radon Reduction
        - Salt Reduction
        - Vanadium Reduction
        - Zinc Reduction
        - High TDS Reduction

- Pressurisers (to Increase Water Pressure in Entire House):
        - Product Description
        - Price List

- Pumps:
        - Booster Pump and Motor (to Increase Water Pressure to RO Unit)
        - Permeate Pumps (for use in low pressure situations -- it reduces back-pressure from tank)
        - Water Delivery Pumps, also known as Transfer Pumps (to Increase Water Pressure from RO Unit)

- Refrigerator Filters

- Sand Filters

- Softeners

- Tanks for Reverse Osmosis Systems

- Testing Your Water

- Ultraviolet Light for Disinfection

- Water Coolers (see Coolers)

- Water Heaters (see Heaters)

- Water Softeners (see Softeners)

- Whole House Systems
        - For chlorinated water
        - For non-chlorinated water



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