Many homeowners think they have to live with inadequate water pressure. Now they have an easy, affordable solution. The pre-packaged Pressuriser system is perfect for single and multi family homes where space is at a minimum. Designed with both the installer and consumer in mind, the RP series is available in four sizes to fit virtually any application.

Pressuriser Sizing Chart and Specifications

                               RP-25   RP-15   RP-10     

Size of Home Large Large Average Number of Fixtures & GPM 25 15 10 Dimensions Height 409/16 411/2 291/4 Width 22" 163/4 163/4 Pipe Size Inlet 11/4 11/4 11/4 Outlet 1" 1" 1" Boost Pressure (psig) 55 40 40 Pressure Switch Setting (psig) 30-50 30-50 30-50 Pump Size 3/4HP 1/2HP 1/2HP

Each sink, tub/shower, toilet, dishwasher, washing machine, and outside outlet represents one fixture. To use the AMTROL Pressuriser in a private well application, consult the factory at (401) 884-6300 or

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