A general measurement for what's in your water can be done with a

Meter for Testing Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

For example, if you have an R.O. system and want to see how well it has improved your tap water, you can measure the TDS in both and compare them. If the TDS in your R.O. water is not about 10% of the TDS in your tap water, then your R.O. system could have a problem and you should contact us to see if we can determine what it is.

        If you want to know the specific minerals and contaminants in your water, your water department probably has a free sheet about it. However, if you are on a well, and want to know what's in your water, you can have your water tested.

        Here are some companies that provide testing equipment or test your water for you. Home Reverse Osmosis has not looked into the quality of these companies or the products they offer and is not recommending any companies or their products. We are merely providing the names of these companies as a convenience to our customers, and our customers agree to use them at their own risk.

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