You can install our residential system either inside or underneath your motorhome body.  As long as the quality of the incoming water is average,* a reverse osmosis system normally needs water pressure of 40 psi to operate properly.

        To keep the motorhome plumbing safe, many parks regulate the water pressure at a rather low level.  Additionally, Motorhomers often use an in-line water pressure regulator in parks where they are unsure of the water pressure.  For a low pressure situation, we have a special FilmTec membrane which can still purify your water properly with a pressure of only 30 psi.  When you order, please specify that it is for a motorhome, and we will substitute this special membrane for you at no extra charge.

        If you want to keep the system inside your coach (instead of under it on the frame) and are cramped for space, you have these options to reduce system space:

        - You can substitute filters that are 5" in length with housings that are 6" in length for the normal 10" filters and 11" housings.  This option also costs you $10 less!

        - You can also get it with a 1.4 gallon tank, instead of the normal 3.2 gallon tank.  This option also costs you $10 less! For the dimensions of our normal system, click here. For the dimensions of other tanks, click here.

        - You can also use the system without a tank. Just fill up a water jug and turn off the faucet when you're through.  If you go without a tank, this option also costs you a full $60 less!

* Between 300 and 700 parts per million of total dissolved solids