Some customers have asked about converting their swimming pool water to drinking water after a breakdown in delivery or after an emergency, such as an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, etc. One advantage of swimming pool water is that it is normally well-chlorinated. (Note, however, that chlorine does not kill certain micro-organisms such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.)

For this application, you can use a special Aquatec pump. Although it is not submersible, you can connect a hose to one end of it and put the hose in your swimming pool. You can connect the other end of it to your Reverse Osmosis system.

We sell the pump and motor for $150. The pump is very quiet, and only uses 15 watts of electricity. It has a two year warranty from the manufacturer. You cannot use our regular automatic shutoff valve with it, but you can buy a electronic one from us for $20.

Note: if you are concerned about a power outage, you will need an alternative source or electricity, such as a generator or 12 volt car battery. A representative of Aquatec said that the pump will run for 80 hours on a fully charged car battery.