Other replacement parts for standard size systems

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Part # Description Price Replacement

R2F Slimline Housing for Sediment or Carbon Briquette Filter $12
R2J Bracket for two Slimline Pre-Filter Housings $3.50
R3G Housing for Membrane $15
R4A 4.4 Gallon Amtrol Water Storage Tank (3.1 usable gallons) -- without shutoff valve $60
Larger and smaller tanks
R4P Plastic shutoff valve for Amtrol tank (1/4" neck) $4
R7A Chrome Faucet $20
Other Faucets
R8L Automatic Shut Off Valve (ASO) $20
R3L Capillary Restrictor Tube $3 change every six years
R8B Inlet Saddle Valve $3.90
R8A Drain Saddle Clamp $3.50
R8Q 1/4" Plastic Tubing $.12/ft
R2W Plastic Wrench for Slimline Filter Housing $3
R6P 1/4" Plastic Refrigerator Tee and Inserts $2
R6Q 3/8" Plastic Refrigerator Tee and Inserts $3
R7K Faucet Repair Kit $6

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