Other than price, the primary difference among the various reverse osmosis systems available on the market is the quality of components which each one uses. We merely assemble our reverse osmosis systems -- we don't manufacture any of the components. Thus, we have the liberty of using whichever component we feel is best. We have studied the components which are available on the market and have selected these for our systems:

        1. A membrane made by FilmTec, a subsidiary of Dow Chemical. These have the highest rejection rate, are the fastest flowing, and the longest lasting. It has a Thin Film Composite (TFC) membrane, rated at 36 gallons per day (under ideal conditions). FilmTec is the "Rolls Royce" of all membranes made in America. It has a reputation for resistance to bacteria and chemicals, and usually lasts 2 or 3 times longer than other brands. It also has the fastest water production in the industry -- ideal for areas with low water pressure or with highly contaminated water. The FilmTec membrane is the only one with FDA approval of its materials. In addition, FilmTec gives you a warranty of three years, which will be pro-rated according to the number of months which you have used it. For more information about the FilmTec membrane, please Click Here.

        2. The Matrikx CTO Plus 1-micron Carbon Briquette Prefilter will handle 20,000 gallons of chlorinated water before it needs replacing. It is manufactured by KX Industries which sells more carbon briquette filters than any other company in the world. For more information about the Matrikx Prefilter, please Click Here.

        3. The Purtrex 5-micron sediment prefilter which removes dirt, sediment, sand, and particulates from the water. It will last for years but we recommend that you replace it in three years. It is manufactured by Osmonics, one of the largest water filtration companies in the world. For more information about the Purtrex Prefilter, please Click Here.

        4. The 3.1 gallon tank (usable volume) is made by Amtrol, the world's largest tank manufacturer and the originator of the bladder tank. Amtrol warranties its tanks for five years. For more information about the Amtrol tank, please Click Here.

        5. Our Pentek brand filter housings are made by Pentek, a subsidiary of Pentair -- one of the world's largest water filtration companies. For more information about the Pentek housing, please Click Here.

        6. We also include a long-reach, lead-free faucet.

        7. We provide all component parts, including fittings, an automatic shut-off valve, inlet and drain saddles, and 25 feet of tubing. We also send you a set of installation instructions.

        These components are interchangeable components. Many manufacturers engineer R.O. systems which not only require you to replace parts frequently, but also require you to purchase their components which are more expensive than other brands. Our filters and other parts are all standard sizes which are available at thousands of retailers at competitive prices.

NSF and the Water Quality Association set the standards in the water purification industry. In order to obtain certification from NSF, the WQA, or a state government for a reverse osmosis system, one must submit the assembled system to the organization or agency and pay a fee of several thousand dollars. The agency will then issue a statement which says that the system is certified. In order to keep our prices low, we have not obtained certification for our system as a whole. However, all of the components of our system are certified. Here are the web sites of most of the manufacturers of our components:

Pentek pre-filter housings         Tested and certified to NSF Standard 42
        -- the Pentek housings are manufactured by Pentek, a subsidiary of Pentair Water.
Amtrol tanks        Tested and certified to NSF Standard 58
FilmTec membranes        Tested and certified to NSF Standard 58
Matrikx carbon pre-filter:         Tested and certified to NSF Standard 42
        -- the Matrikx filter is manufactured by K X Technologies.
Omnipure post-filter        Tested and certified to NSF Standard 42
Purtrex sediment pre-filter        Tested and certified to NSF Standard 42

NSF Standards:
42: Drinking Water Treatment Units: Aesthetic Effects
53: Drinking Water Treatment Units: Health Effects
58: Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Treatment Systems
61: Products which come into contact with drinking water

NSF performance claims for filters and membranes require testing in a specified housing or system, and the certified claims are only valid for the filter or membrane when operated in the specific housing or system. However, the performance claims made by the manufacturers of the components in our system have been tested by various independant certified labs in accordance with ANSI/NSF Standards 42 and 53. In addition, numerous Original Equipment Manufacturers have also obtained NSF certified performance claims incorporating these components in their systems.